Vision - Mission


- Reliable producers and consumers, but also to provide sustainable services.
- Needs of our stakeholders and consumers to ensure they reach our office at any moment.
- Agricultural structure according to our province to make the world criteria.

our Mission

- Designated Agricultural Policy in the context of socio-economic development of rural life and reliable consumers, to ensure access to adequate food.
- Provision of training and organization of farmers.
- Plant, to combat animal diseases and pests, ensure quarantine conditions.
- Agricultural activities, regulatory agencies and organizations, to supervise.
- Made of high quality and efficient farming of the species, to ensure safe food supply.
- To record agricultural enterprises, to increase the capacity.
- Support to agricultural enterprises to increase their effectiveness and efficiency.
- Perform agricultural infrastructure in rural areas.
- Agricultural land consolidation do their work.
- Conservation of biological diversity and genetic resources.
- Organic and dissemination of good agricultural practices.
- Ensure the sustainable use of agricultural and ecological resources.
- Satisfaction by providing our employees to improve service quality and efficiency.​